Using Monero

Transacting with Monero can be made easy. This page is designed to guide users in that process.

1. Learn

Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency. The developers and community are committed to protecting these values. Learn more by reading the What is Monero page. The source code is also available for review and discussion.

2. Request Support

There is a large and supportive community that will assist if you experience any difficulty. See the Hangouts page for more information.

3. Generate a Wallet

A Monero wallet is required to secure your own funds. See the Downloads page for a listing of available wallets.

The easiest way to run a Monero node, without affecting your home bandwidth, is to purchase a VPS (Virtual Private Server). We strongly recommend using the 'MONERO' coupon code to get a discount over and above their already cheap $6/month VPS. Using this coupon code and/or our affiliate link will also assist in the ongoing funding of Monero development.

4. Acquire Monero

Monero may be purchased on an exchange with fiat or other cryptocurrencies. An alternate way of acquiring Monero is via mining, the computationally-complex process whereby transactions are immutably recorded on the blockchain.

5. Send and Receive Monero

Learn how to send and receive Monero by viewing the guide.

6. Transact with Monero

Monero may be used to purchase many goods and services. For a listing, see the Merchants page.

This page is not yet translated. If you would like to help translate it, please see the README.