Completed Proposals

Documentation and cleanup of source code

Summary: Clean up and properly document (doxygen) the monero source code

Author: tewinget

What is Monero? is produced and open-sourced

Summary: Make an introduction video to Monero.

Author: savandra

Improving Developer Guides to include Simplewallet examples and Bitmonerod methods and examples

Summary: Add examples to Developer Guides

Author: bigredmachine

A continuation for all purpose programming of what needs to get done in monero

Summary: moneromooo continue coding for Monero

Author: moneromooo

Create End-User Kovri documentation

Summary: The idea is to create user-friendly non-technical Kovri documentation.

Author: anonimal

fluffypony's Conference Circuit Jan 2017 Edition

Summary: Cover fluffypony's expenses for January Monero speaking

Author: fluffypony

The official Qt GUI Project

Summary: Funding for the creation of the GUI

Author: othe

Justin's Local Meetup Talks Proposal 1

Summary: Cover sgp's travel expenses for Monero speaking

Author: samsunggalaxyplayer

Justin's Local Meetup Talks Proposal 2

Summary: Cover sgp's other travel expenses for Monero speaking

Author: samsunggalaxyplayer

More mooo coding goodness

Summary: Moneromooo coding October 2016

Author: moneromooo

Funding for a Monero subforum on the largest chinese BTC forum 8BTC

Summary: Make subforum on China's largest Bitcoin forum 8BTC

Author: firperfect

Additional GUI Developer

Summary: Hire Jaquee as an additional GUI developer

Author: Jaquee Redesign

Summary: Redesign the official website to make it more accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Author: rehrar

Release of new/updated pool software

Summary: An updated pool for usage within the XMR community

Author: Snipa22

Monero integrations with web apps

Summary: Make open-source payment gateways for Monero on popular web apps

Author: serhack